Season 4: Interview Biographies

Episode 1 - Steve Braud


Age: 43

Hometown:  Quakertown, PA

Years Playing: 23

Playing Status (Pro/Am): Pro

Favorite Disc Manufacturer: Discmania

Occupation: New Accounts Manager / National Sales / Course Designer for Discmania, Inc.


"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run twice as fast." - Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

Episode 2 - Dave Cox


Age: 39

Hometown: Havertown, PA

Years Playing: 5

Playing Status (Pro/Am): Am player, Pro-ish photographer

Favorite Disc Manufacturer: Westside Discs

Occupation: Recently quit home remodeling, hoping to be a pro real estate photographer as things clear up in the world


“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

Episode 3 - John Often


Age: 46

Hometown: Vacaville, CA

Years Playing: 23

Playing Status: Pro Masters

Favorite Disc Manufacturer: Innova

Occupation: Construction Superintendent

"Don’t forget to live life every day."

Episode 4 - J. Gary Dropcho


Age: 62

Hometown:  Indiana, PA

Years Playing: 33

Playing Status (Pro/Am): Professional

Favorite Disc Manufacturer: Innova

Occupation:  Disc Golf course design/instruction/event management  (retired Pittsburgh Public School teacher 25 years)


"If we are doing this, we are doing it right!"